Teacher Bookworm!

Thanks for joining me on my reading journey!

As a teacher, I know we can find it hard to make time for ourselves. One way I like to relax is to read (along with many other people!). But other than having a look at what’s on the shelves or asking a friend, I found it hard to know what to read – particularly as I want both adult and children’s books.

With little time to spend searching myself (why waste time looking for books when you could be reading them?) I wanted to create a micro reading review blog about everything I’ve read, where books are shared and reviewed in quick, easy posts.

There will be a mix of education, children’s, non-fiction, poetry and fiction. Basically, nearly anything and everything.

It may be helpful, it may not. But I know combining two things I love doing, reading and writing, will be helpful to me…even if no-one else reads this!

Teacher Bookworm x

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