Beauty Sleep – Kathryn Evans

Stars: ***

This book kept me gripped right from the start, through to the end.

It begins with 16 year old Laura being awoken from her cryogenic sleep in 2028 after being frozen in the 80s. We see her adjusting to her new world and finding out more about her life…or believing she is anyway! There was an element of mystery right from the outset which continued throughout the rest of the story.

It was interesting reading about how Laura adjusted to a more modern life based only a few years away from 2019. It was scary that these technologies, although they don’t exist yet, are entirely possible to exist sometime in the future!


Some of the ‘twists’ were a bit predictable from fairly early on in the story. However, this made it no less enjoyable and I literally couldn’t put it down until I reached the end of the story…where there was something I didn’t see coming at all!

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