Not My Fault – Cath Howe

Stars: ****

Not My Fault is written from the perspective of two sisters: Maya & Rose. After an accident in a park, they are not as close as they used to be; their relationship is fraught as it is fill of resentment, hurt and jealousy.

I enjoyed that the two different perspectives were written in different fonts and kept the pace of the story going. There were interesting developments of the characters which showed real emotions and how they might display themselves in real life. The theme of being on their ‘School Journey’ is something that would be familiar with children and allow them to think about their own experiences.

(One small issue I had in with the ‘School Journey’ theme was a teacher having a child sleep alone with them in their room – not sure this would be advised for a teacher to really do!)

This story allows children to try and build emotional empathy, by seeing how others might react to something that has happened in their own lives.

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