Ella on the Outside – Cath Howe

Stars: *****

(I read this book in one sitting!)

‘Ella on the Outside’ is a story focused on Ella – and her family – as she starts at a new school.

I found Ella’s character really endearing; the situations she found herself going through were very familiar to the classroom. She has to navigate not only a new school, but also finding her place within a new friendship group.

Girls, especially with the more recent rise of social media, find dealing with friendships particularly difficult and this book would be perfect for them to read. It would hopefully help them understand how their own behaviour can impact on others and build emotional empathy.

Alongside dealing with friendship issues, it has the changing dynamic of Ella’s relationship with her dad, which is shown through letters written from Ella’s perspective. I found this really enhanced the story as it gave an insight into what she felt.

This is definitely a book I can’t wait for children in my class to read.


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