Red Snow – Larraine S Harrison

Stars: ****

This story had me hooked the entire way through! Megan’s mum died when she was younger and no-one will tell her what happened. Since the accident, her dad is struggling and she doesn’t know how to help him.

But this all starts to change. We begin with Megan stalking the boy next door; she follows him into the wood and begins to uncover secrets which all don’t quite fit together. She is desperate to find out more about what happened to her mum, but how?

Coupled with the shadowy animal in the woods (which Megan and Ryan discover on their first night there!) this is an exciting story which has an emotive story in the background which shows them how feelings can manifest themselves in different ways.

** Review Copy 😊 **

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  1. thank you so much for this review of my last novel Red Snow. I know it has been used by Y5/6 teachers but strangely the biggest fans have been Y3/4 boys! I think it’s the wild cat that does it. Hope it links with all the work teachers are doing on mental health awareness.


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