Eight Princesses and a Magic Mirror – Natasha Farrant

Stars: *****

This book was full of beautiful tales of eight different princesses. But these aren’t the princesses you would normally see in Fairy Tales; they are all fierce, independent and know what makes them happy.

Each tale is accompanied by lovely illustrations (Lydia Corry) which enhance the story and help portray the characters with more depth.

This is a fantastic book to show girls (and boys!) that you can work towards what you want, no matter the circumstance you find yourself in.

My personal favourite story was ‘The Princess of Absolute Loveliness’. When a big change happens in her life, she begins to change herself. However, it shows that fitting into what other people expect of you won’t always make you happy. In a world of technology, this is especially important for children to learn.

It would be a fab inspiration for children to create their own modern tales of independent princesses.


** Review Copy 😊 **

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