Plastic Sucks! – Dougie Poynter

Stars: *****

I absolutely LOVED this book (and not just because I was obsessed with McFly – and Dougie – growing up!) because it was full to the brim with facts and tips, but they were presented in a way which wasn’t overbearing, making it child-friendly.

The bright, creative presentation of the book really helped the impact of the information it was presenting; there were pages which were just a quote, or fact, which really drove the point home in a very visual way.

Throughout the book, there were short bursts of information which were formatted in different ways, making it easy to read in either small chunks or all in one go! There were interviews, illustrated descriptions and information which created a bigger picture and really made you think.

After reading this, I’ve already started looking at how I can make small changes in my own life to make a difference; it’s definitely done his job. Passing this on to our next generation of eco-warriors will have exactly the impact the book is intended to do.

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