The Somerset Tsunami – Emma Carroll

Stars: *****

Emma Carroll is the queen of children’s historical fiction, with fantastic novels across a number of eras.

This was another brilliant book to add to the collection! I loved that this was set in an area I felt familiar with (being from Wiltshire…a stone’s throw from Somerset!) but was steeped in history I didn’t know about. It has got me researching the theory of a British Tsunami in the 17th century, a subject I didn’t even know existed before this book!

I think that not only would this be a fantastic conversation starter for children (aided by the discussion notes courtesy of Scott Evans in the back of the book!) but it is full of descriptive language which models to them how to hold the attention of a reader and create vivid images.

For me, this is Emma’s most interesting book yet!

* Review Copy 😊 *

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