The Girl Who Speaks Bear – Sophie Anderson

Stars: *****

After loving The House With the Chicken Legs, I couldn’t wait to start reading The Girl Who Speaks Bear. We follow Yanka on her journey to find out where she really belongs through an adventure and a journey of self-discovery.

The characters she met along the way were all so different from each other, so when they each found their own place in the story (along with Yanka) you had different emotions for each of them too. There’s also a fantastic message about friendship and each person being needed for the kids!

I enjoyed that TGWSB has a nod to Sophie’s first book, House With Chicken Legs, which allows the story to feel comforting and familiar, yet different at the same time.

What I especially liked about this book, is that Yanka’s story was interspersed with folk-style tales that were told by a range of characters within the book; they eventually all tied into a twist at the end; a twist I didn’t see coming!

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  1. I am not very superb with English but I find this real
    easygoing to translate.


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