Toffee – Sarah Crossan

Stars: *****

I’ll admit it – I do usually judge a book by its cover…and it was the cover of Toffee which enticed me to pick it up off the shelves of my local Waterstones.

I barely read the blurb.

So I didn’t realise until I got home and opened it that the story of Marla and Allison was told entirely through poetry. This, I thought, was such a refreshing book to read for this reason. Had I opened it in the shop, I might have put it back on the shelf purely for the reason I hadn’t bought a book like this before.

I’m so glad I didn’t!

It is a tale of Allison, attempting to escape her memories. And of Marla, trying to avoid losing hers.

It was a beautiful story, told in a beautiful way.

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