Evernight – Ross McKenzie

Stars: *****

I was nervous before reading this book; I am a huge fan of Nowhere Emporium and wasn’t sure if I was going to love this as much. It had big shoes to fill!

But I had absolutely no reason at all to be worries! Ross McKenzie has developed an original story using familiar themes – for example, I loved that the wands had ‘chambers’ that need to be loaded with spells. It was full of magic and adventure whilst also introducing us to a new world.

Mrs Hester wants more power; power that will help her rule everyone rather than serve the king. Lara is a young, orphan tosher, using her sewer finds just to stay alive. In Evernight, their stories collide giving them challenges they didn’t anticipate.

My favourite character is Shadow Jack (he shouldn’t be, he’s a bad guy!). But from the second he was introduced, right at the start of the story I was captivated by him and his role within the story.

It’s going to be a long wait, but I can’t wait to continue this series with the next story…


* Review Copy 😊 *

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