Charlie Changes into a Chicken – Sam Copeland

Stars: ****

This book was a genuinely funny, exciting story about a boy called Charlie McGuffin who changes into animals when he worries or becomes stressed.

There was an arch-nemesis (Dylan), to add the typical storyline of a villain, and three supportive friends of Charlie who each really added to the story with their own personalities.

I thought the writing style was clever, using different features to help create interest in the story. I especially enjoyed the use of footnotes, which aren’t common in children’s literature, to add extra information to the story.

I thought the way facts were woven into the story (such as spiders having 8 eyes – I’m not sure how this fact had escaped me until now!) was really interesting, as it means children learn (almost without knowing it!) as they read too!

My favourite part of the book was definitely when a snake was referred to as a ‘danger noodle’. There aren’t many books which make me laugh out loud, but this one did!

I was also lucky enough to see Sam Copeland do an author talk in Bath recently; he was hilarious! His talk, including a World Cup of Disgusting Animals was thoroughly enjoyable, teaching me even more animal facts that I didn’t (but probably should have!) already know.

(And FYI, the sequel is just as good too!)

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