Invisible in a Bright Light – Sally Gardner

Stars: *****

I am a huge fan of ‘I, Coriander’ as I’m a sucker for a mystery and historical fiction, so I couldn’t wait to read Sally Gardner’s new book…and it does not disappoint!Described as a ‘dark fairy tale’ in the blurb, it pulls you in before you even begin the first chapter.

Set in 1870 at a Royal Opera house, it has a setting which you are immersed in right from the start. The opening chapter is full of intrigue and mystery which is continued throughout the book. Our main character, Celeste, is drawn into a dangerous game: The Reckoning.

Once she wakes up (in the town of C- which adds to the mystery by never revealing a name!), we see Celeste try and figure out what is real and what is not, solving clues about what is going on around her.

Then. throughout the book, we follow her on her quest to solve ‘The Reckoning’. Not only is Celeste kept guessing what is happening throughout the tale, so are we! She not only has to make choices which affect her own fate, but make some which might change life’s course for others too. Because of this, it is SO hard to put the book down; you want to keep reading right to the end.

I almost (almost!) wish I hadn’t already read this book, so I could discover it all over again.

* Review Copy šŸ˜Š *

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