James Rhodes’ Playlist – The Rebels and Revolutionaries of Sound

Stars: *****

This, for me, is my non-fiction book of the year.

First – let’s just appreciate the beauty of the presentation. The book itself is encased in a beautiful, eye-catching sleeve, which immediately reminds you of pulling a record from a case. Straight away you’re drawn in. I really think the artwork helps to represent the music you’ll discover inside.

I am already a classical music fan; it can get you through so many different emotions and suits every mood you’re in. Often, I’ll listen to it on the way to or from work in order to have some time to really switch off. Because of this, I am always trying to incorporate more classical music into the classroom, and this book is a perfect tool to do so!

When we look inside, James Rhodes has selected some of the masters of classical music. Each composer has their own section, and within it we are taught about their lives, their music and also the influences they have on today’s culture and society.

Alongside this, he has curated an accompanying playlist. Each song on the playlist is discussed in the book, which allows you to have a visual and aural experience.

I really enjoyed that this book was about experiencing classical music, not just reading about it.


*Review Copy 😊*

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