The Magic Place – Chris Wormell

Stars: *****

This is another beautiful story from David Fickling Books.

Clementine is living with her aunt & uncle who don’t treat her well…which could partly be down to the fact their mastermind criminals! With disguises and contraptions to steal whatever they like, they use Clementine as a servant and keep her locked in the basement.

But even there, she finds her Magic Place by looking up the chimney. A small square of beautiful scenery, far away in the distance, which helps her have hope for the future.

When her aunt and uncle come into some trouble, Clementine takes her chance to reach the place from her dreams, with the help of her cat Gilbert…

With beautiful illustrations and poignant use of colour, this story was full of well-developed characters, heroes and villains as well as real emotion. You are really pulled into the tale, willing Clementine on to find her Magic Place.

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