Deathless Girls – Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Stars: *****

Full of adventure, this book never stopped making you want to keep turning the pages!

Lil and Kizzy – twin sisters who are very different from each other, despite being so close – go foraging on the eve of their divining, but return to their camp brutally attacked by men of the Boyar. Their travelling camp will never be the same again…and neither will they!

When they come to their new destination, they find themselves slaves to the Boyar. Both Kizzy and Lil react in different ways; Lil is strongly and silently doing what she can to survive whilst Kizzy is fighting her fate. Both are separated when Kizzy is chosen by a visitor who is connected to the ‘Dragon’.

The Dragon himself is mysterious mythical man who takes girls as gifts in exchange for peace in the land of the paying Boyar. But those girls never seem to return. Lil must travel far, along with her new companions, to find Kizzy before it is too late.

This is an original telling of a legendary story, and is a book that I couldn’t put down! Every page kept me wanting to keep reading. Each character, although submitted to the same fate, reacted in a different way which made it interesting and exciting to read.

Every time I tried to guess their actions, I found I was usually wrong!

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