The Switching Hour – Damaris Young

Stars: ****

When the sun goes down and the moon rises, it is The Switching Hour. After this, all doors must be locked because this is when the Badeko is on the prowl.

The Badeko appears in the night to vanish children away; he devours their dreams during the drought, when there is nothing else left to eat.

One day, after the Switching Hour, Amaya’s small brother goes missing: taken by the Badeko. Anaya must find him before it’s too late and the Sorrow Sickness vanishes him forever.

With some help along the way, will she complete her adventure and save her brother from his fate?

The cover artwork immediately draws you in and the illustrations develop the story throughout (tip: look at the cracks at the start of the chapters as you move through the story!).

I loved the original concepts in this book with a villainous creature and characters who felt fresh and new. I felt really invested in the story and Damaris kept the action fast-paced right until the end of the book which kept me turning the pages!

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