In the Key of Code – Aimee Lucido

Stars: ****

I only recently discovered books written in the form of poetry (I know, I’m ashamed of myself) and have really enjoyed finding a new style of book to read.

This one is about a girl called Emmy who has had to move to a new school in a different part of America. She is the daughter of two musicians: a pianist and an opera singer. She LOVES music…but it’s not her forte.

So when she has to choose her elective session she decides to try her luck with computers and coding instead.

In this class, she makes discoveries about others, and herself. Some aren’t happy their computer teacher is female; some are pretending to have the same interests as their friends; some feel they don’t fit in. There is a strong theme of friendship in this book alongside the importance of being true to who you really are.

I found that because the story is written in poetry adds even more emotion to a story which already evokes lots of feelings for the reader.

It also has themes of girls in STEM careers which I also think it is fantastic for our current generation of children to see!

* Review Copy 😊 *

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