The Toll – Neal Shusterman

Stars: *****

(SPOILER: this is the third book in the Scythe Arc! Please (I urge you!) read the previous two books first: Scythe & Thunderhead.)

I don’t know about you, but I often get to the end of a trilogy and feel a bit let down (except with Hunger Games – I loved that series!) because the ending just doesn’t feel right after waiting so long.

I can confirm that this is absolutely NOT the case with the Scythe Arc!

With time, setting and character switching between chapters, the book keeps you thinking, guessing and being completely immersed in the story from start to end. The Thunderhead continues to add extra depth throughout the book, with both its interactions with characters and also the notes from itself that we see ending some chapters.

We follow Rowan, Citra, Greyson & Goddard through the aftermath of the Endura sinking and implementation of ‘New Order’ Scythedom across the Mericas and beyond. Each character – already so well developed from the previous two books – become much easier to understand as facts are revealed from their past which gives us an insight into how and why things happen in the present and the future.

I loved the way that Schusterman has pulled everything together whilst keeping the pace of the story going. The use of events that have previously happened to lay a path for you to follow to what might happen next without giving away too much was really clever.

Despite not everything going how you think it will, I felt satisfied with ending (and completely disappointed that my time with this trilogy is finished!).

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