Earth Heroes – Lily Dyu

Stars: *****

This book helped me learn SO MUCH about people who have made a big contribution to saving our planet.

There are well known faces included: Greta Thunberg, Stella McCartney and, of course, Sir David Attenborough. I’m sure some readers will be aware of their contribution to reducing climate change, or at the very least they will know their names.

But the most inspiring parts for me were the names that we won’t have heard of.

Isatou Ceesay has worked in Gambia to turn waste around her village into a product that could help them not only clean up the area but also provide an income. It is inspirational people like her that show anyone – even someone who people think can’t achieve – can end up making a huge difference.

It is a fantastic book for children and adults alike to learn more about how to become more environmentally friendly. I learnt so many facts, as well as feeling as though I can do more myself to make a change. I recommend everyone gives it a read!


* Review Copy 😊 *

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