The Exact Opposite of OK – Laura Steven

Stars: ****

I picked up this book in one of my Waterstone’s hauls – I saw it on the shelf and decided it sounded like something I would enjoy (yes I judge books by their covers).On reading the blurb, I thought it would be a perfect, topical read written in an accessible way.

Izzy has had a photo published on a blog – a photo which has led her to be slut shamed by the others in her school. Throughout the book we see the fall-out. Izzy’s emotional turmoil; the way that it snowballs into something hard to control; the change it forces on friendships and relationships.

‘The Exact Opposite of Okay’ made me laugh and cry (and I very rarely cry at a book!). It really helps you develop your understanding of the character and try and step into her shoes. I think it helps that the culprit of the site isn’t entirely a twist – you can see it coming but this makes it all the more relatable.

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