Jemima Small Versus the Universe – Tamsin Winter

Stars: ****

Jemima is incredibly smart, a fan of observational humour and has her best friend Miki around to navigate school with.

But when she is invited to join a ‘special’ club, she doesn’t feel special at all. Her classmates make comments, constantly getting at her for her size – she is known as Jemima Big.

But then there’s the opportunity to sign up for her favourite EVER show: Braniacs! Jemima doubts she has what it takes (despite knowing something about EVERYTHING) because of how she’s made to feel by others.

She really doesn’t know what to do! We navigate her decision with her as she discovers more about herself, other people (and the way they work!) and that sometimes the biggest stars in the universe can also be the brightest.

I loved reading this book – during parts of it, Jemima had me laughing out loud! The relationships between the different characters felt real and deep which allowed for a really meaningful story.

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