One – Sara Crossan

Stars: *****

After only reading my first Sarah Crossan book (Toffee) not too long ago, when I saw this on the library shelf I picked it up straight away without even reading the blurb (a bit of a common theme for me lately!).

A lot of Sarah’s books are written in poetry form and this is no different. Tippi and Grace are conjoined twins who – after being home schooled for most of their life – are now beginning mainstream school. We see their integration into friendships as well as how they each see their life and what it will become.

The twins soon find the hardest thing they need to overcome has yet to happen.

This is an emotional book which genuinely made me tear up. It is not only how they battle school but also their family life and the recognition of their own impact on the world around them, as well as how they are constantly watched by others.

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