Frostheart – Jamie Littler

Stars: *****

There are so many reasons that I loved this book!

1) The story itself feels really original and unlike anything I’ve read before. The idea that song could be used as a way to combat the Leviathans is fresh and new.

2) It has themes of acceptance running throughout. Ash doesn’t feel as though he fits in with others around him; he is desperate to sing in a stronghold where music is banned. Song Weavers aren’t welcome and this sends Ash on his adventure. He also finds himself exiled with Tobu, his outcast yeti minder.

3) Ash goes on a fantastic, fast-paced adventure which keeps you desperate to read right until the last page!

4) On top of all this, Jamie has accompanied the story throughout with his beautiful illustrations.

They really help the characters come to life and the story to develop.

This is the perfect read whilst you stay warm and cosy inside, looking at the winter season out the window!

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