North Child – Edith Pattou

Stars: *****

I was really looking forward to reading this book but kept putting it off until the winter as it was a longer book; I wanted some nights to stay in and just read to really absorb the story.

Now, I regret leaving it so long! I absolutely loved this book. Each chapter is written from the perspective of different people such as Rose, The White Bear and Troll Queen which are woven together to create a beautiful story full of magic and mystery.

Rose is a a north-born child, but her mother refuses to recognise it. Then, one day, a White Bear turns up which changes her destiny.

The writing is quick-paced yet detailed, allowing the reader to really create an image in their mind. Each character is so integrated into the story – you feel like you get to know each one individually; you really invest in the future of Rose and those around her.

A perfect winter read ❄️

*Review Copy 😊*

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