The Space We’re In – Katya Balen

Stars: *****

This was my first book of the Bookwagon gift subscription that I had for Christmas (and as you can tell, I was very impatient to read it!).

It was a beautiful, touching read that tells us about Frank – a boy in Year 6 – and his brother Max. Max is autistic.

The book is written from the perspective of Frank in long sentences which run into each other, depicting the way his thoughts process in his mind. It made you feel even more empathy for him as he navigated through his life. As he enters a new year in school, he learns not only more about himself in the classroom but also his role in the family.

At the start, we learn Max will be starting a new school and at first, Frank thinks this is the most difficult thing that will happen to them both. But later, he finds there’s more they’ll both have to endure: something much worse.

Throughout, there are lovely illustrations by Laura Carlin to enhance the story and really convey Frank’s thoughts and feelings:

It was an emotional read – I definitely teared up – and I’m so glad it was chosen for me by Bookwagon. This is a story I would recommend everyone to read.

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