Son of a Circus: A Victorian Story – E. L. Norry

Stars: ****

In this book, we learn about circus’ in the Victorian times. Set in 1867, Ted is living at home with his mother and brother George when one day, he returns home to find Pablo Fanque.

Then, his life takes an unexpected turn when he is sent to join the circus…with his father. Having to find a skill to keep him there – even when he doesn’t want to stay – worries Ted. Whilst he isn’t enamoured with the circus lure, he is curious about the man his father seems to be.

Throughout the book, Ted also has to navigate Victorian life and the attitude towards the colour of his skin. It addresses racism, which, while based in the past, still will resonate with the reader now.

Although the ending may not include an unexpected twist, it’s a heart-warming story which keeps you interested throughout.

*Review Copy 😊*

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