The Snow Dragon – Abi Elphinstone

Stars: *****

Phoebe and her little sausage dog Herb (my favourite part of the book!) live in Griselda Bone’s orphanage. Griselda Bone is not a nice person.

Christmas is not allowed in the orphanage, along with most other things which bring joy and fun to the children. Slowly, children get adopted and eventually it is just Phoebe left. One particularly special day, she is being especially cruelly treated by Griselda and finds herself alone and sad on Christmas Eve. But, there is a magical surprise waiting for her to help Phoebe experience some Christmas joy.

Cue the appearance of the Snow Dragon, who takes Phoebe (and Herb!) on a magical adventure…but where will they end up?

There is also (and originally!) an extended version of this story in Winter Magic (a book of winter stories curated by Abi Elphinstone) which I also really enjoyed as it had even more detail and depth to accompany the picture book.

This was such a festive, feel-good story (with beautiful illustrations!) that will help you feel in the Christmas spirit…and I recommend you give Winter Magic a read too!

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