My Sister the Serial Killer – Oyinkan Braithwaite

Stars: ****

It’s been a while since I read something other than children’s literature, so today I wanted to broaden what I was currently reading; this caught my eye straight away in Waterstones.

I started it this morning, and finished it in one sitting. It has short chapters which makes it easy to read, keeping your interest piqued throughout.

Set in Nigeria, Korede’s sister seems to always get what she wants: the men, the sympathy….the ability to get away with murder. Three of her boyfriends have already ended up dead – three murders makes you a serial killer – and now, she has her sights set on another.

Korede has helped her sister get rid of the evidence before, but isn’t sure she can this time; this time the guy Ayoola has her sights set on is the man from work she’s in love with – Tade.

With her only confidant a man in a coma, Korede becomes increasingly worried about what Ayoola might do next. No-one would believe she’s capable of such things, and who would she tell anyway?

The ending wasn’t predictable and kept you guessing through the story. You felt as though ends were tied up – even if you’re not sure who’s side you wanted to be on!

This super-readable book is definitely worth picking up.

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