The Sharp Edge of a Snowflake – Sif Sigmarsdóttir

Stars: *****

This is a twisty, turny thriller which has you guessing right until the end. I was sure (for most of the book!) that I knew who was going to be behind the murder; I thought I knew what had happened.

I didn’t!

Hannah and Imogen have both moved to Iceland for different reasons, affected by the past they leave behind in the UK. For Hannah, the ‘curse’ that runs in her family chases her. For Imogen, ‘The Beast’ is still lurking in the shadows of her present.

Both need to find themselves and the answer to being happy. Neither are sure that Iceland, a country of harsh landscapes and a tight-knit community, will be the place to manage it.

Both characters had elements that made them relatable. You found yourself sympathising with them throughout the book, or wondering if you’d do the same in their shoes. This was enhanced by their connections with others in the story – their relationships felt genuine.

Then, there’s the murder! Sif really keeps you wondering what’s happening, with time shifts and changes of character perspective which add to the mystery and thrill of the story.

I read this in one sitting – it’s the perfect winter read for you to do the same!

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