Cookie – Konnie Huq

Stars: ****

Science loving Cookie has found out that her best friend is moving away, but not only that, the most annoying boy has moved in next door too!

When she arrives at school and discovers he is sat next to her too, she isn’t happy! But hope is on the horizon when she discovers her favourite show (Brainbusters!) is choosing two pupils from her school to film an episode.

But will she make it on the show?

Throughout the book there are fun, comic-style illustrations which add to the story – I really liked when character conversations were depicted as it moved the story on without it feeling interrupted. I also enjoyed the humour in the book – it wasn’t the usual toilet humour, but was genuinely funny. I could imagine children in my class saying or doing similar things!

At the end of the book, there were explanations of how to do some of the experiments mentioned by Cookie, which I thought was great! A really fab way to get children wanting to do some science.

*Review Copy 😊*

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