The Boy Who Made the World Disappear – Ben Miller

Stars: ****

After reading Ben Miller’s last book (The Night I Met Father Christmas) I couldn’t wait to read this. I was even more excited to get a signed copy in Waterstones!

Harrison tries his hardest to be good and helpful. Most of the time, he manages it. But, every now and again, he finds he just can’t control his temper! He lashes out or says unkind things he knows he doesn’t really mean; he just can’t stop himself.

Then, he’s invited to a space-themed party. Harrison LOVES space and is really excited. When he’s there though, he finds himself lashing out again.

As he leaves the party he’s handed a balloon…or what he thinks is a balloon anyway! It turns out to be a black hole which anything can disappear inside. But will he regret what he puts in?

This story is charming and interesting as well as being relatable for some of the readers. It is filled with space facts (disguised in the story!) as well as a fantastic moral about how to help yourself calm down and the impact it can have on not only those around you, but also on yourself.

I love the way Ben tells the story, especially how much Harrison develops as a character throughout.

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