Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch – Tom Fletcher

Stars: ****

Usually a sequel can be a bit lacklustre – you expect the same feeling as when you read the initial book…yet it rarely happens. This isn’t the case with the Christmasaurus! Tom’s writing style is funny, colloquial and familiar which allows the reader to feel as though they’re almost part of the story! The characters all have stayed true to themselves and it’s great to go on another adventure with them.

It’s been a year since we left William, after he met the Christmasaurus and they escaped danger together.

Now, he’s living with (sort of) sister Brenda and they’re (sort of) getting on. So when Santa visits again, just before Christmas, she and her mother join William and his father on a visit to the North Pole.

But all isn’t well; William had a scary experience before they visit where he saw a future in which Christmas didn’t exist! Could it be the work of the season’s best kept secret, the Winter Witch?

The illustrations are fun, exciting and enhance the story. I love the expression and emotion all the pictures convey.

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