Matt Millz on Tour – Harry Hill

Stars: *** (and a half)

I’ve not read the previous in the Matt Millz series, but the story was easy to follow with lots of back references to what has already happened.

It was a different concept to what I’ve read before – a comedian as the main character changed the humour of the story. I did think some of it wasn’t as funny as I expected, but I could see the appeal for children.

Matt’s career has slowed down and he knows he needs more shows to develop his gags and reputation. So, he and his friends decide that Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the place to be! They convince two school teachers to take them there on the premise of a school production of Othello, which they then follow with a comedy gig.

But Jamie Castle, a new boy to the school, seems to be the star of the show. He’s funny and the crowds seem to think so too! Can Matt win a newcomer award? Can he claim back his comedy title from his new friend?

I enjoyed the story line, with the children taking some control over their own destiny. It reminds you how proactive children can be and determined to reach their dreams at a young age.

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