Owen and the Soldier – Lisa Thompson

Stars: *****

It’s been a tough time for Owen recently ; his mum is finding it difficult to be there for him, so he needs to look after her as well as himself. Owen is shy and finds it

He finds a friend in the war memorial soldier. He listens to Owen and doesn’t judge (made easy as he’s a stone statue!). Owen needs someone to listen…and help.

But first, it will he Owen offering help to none other than his soldier confidant. Using poetry, can he change the outcome?

This was a moving book which allowed children to see the impact grief can have, as well as how people might struggle with it. Alongside this, it has a theme of remembrance running throughout; not just saved for 11/11, but showcasing that people want, or need, to remember at lots of different points in the year.

A short story, but full of the impact to be expected from Lisa’s books.

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