Death or Ice Cream? – Gareth P. Jones

Stars: ****

During this book I sometimes felt confused…but in the absolute best way. The story was filled with characters whose lives were all interwoven throughout the duration of the tale. The reader is kept guessing right until the very end and you need to keep your wits about you to piece the puzzle together!

The town of Larkin Mills has always been full of drama and death…but what more is to be expected from a town which has a Wax Museum, a hotel-come-funeral home and Mr Morricone’s Ice Cream Shop.

Each character has their own absurd, fun-filled, death-defying story which brings them together at different points. Park’s father makes an archeological find, Monkey ends up as a dodgem runner and Ross works at the wax museum. And, on top of that, there’s the mysterious disappearances and the anecdote/question/salesman!

You’re constantly kept thinking about how each character might be linked. There are small intricacies which make a big difference to the story.

The ending left me feeling like I wanted to read the book again: there are links and clues I probably missed the first time round!

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