Furious Thing – Jenny Downham

Stars: *****

This book was an emotional rollercoaster from start to end. From the first page – A Tale of Love and Death – you invest yourself into Lexi’s tale; you’re asked to feel emotions you will keep with you throughout the book.

Lexi didn’t always have this furious thing inside her; it wasn’t until her mum met John that it started. Sometimes, she just feels she can’t keep it all in.

Her mum needs protection, as does her little sister Iris. She knows she needs to look after them, but is at a loss how. Kass, her biggest ally (and who she is secretly in love with) has left to go to university which means she feels more alone than ever. Her ‘furious thing’ is all that she has.

But when things seem to spiral and get worse, Lexi wonders if it’s her who needs to change. People around her don’t seem to want to speak out – is she the reason why?

The use of first person makes it easy to feel invested in the characters, particularly Lexi, and their path through the story. It’s a tale that allows you an insight into the lives of others; why being kind is essential; that you can’t always know someone’s circumstances behind closed doors.

An image you have of a family, or an individual, might just be perceived, not reality.

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