#SixforSunday – 6 Bookish Resolutions

So I’ve already told you some of my book resolutions in my #WeRead2020 post, but I am really excited to get involved with #SixforSunday (@eenalol) this year so wanted to get stuck straight in.

My first 3, if you read my blog, you’ll already know!

1) My ’20 books in 2020′ challenge, to help me read a range of different genres and books. Discovering things I thought I wouldn’t enjoy is always fun!

2) Use my TBR jar to make the ‘what to read next’ decision easier, and stop books languishing on the shelf.

3) Keep reviewing books! I love getting to review new books and want to keep finding opportunities to do this!

(I review on this blog, Twitter & Instagram – my handle on both is: @primaryteachew)

My next 3 are new:

4) I read every day but sometimes let the pressure of life make it unpleasant – I need to find time to go and read. Maybe be braver at being on my own in places like Costa to properly switch off and unwind!

5) Find better storage solutions for books…which I’m hoping will become much easier this year for a BIG reason.

6) I judge books by their cover….A LOT! This sometimes means I am drawn to the same sorts of books. I know the covers are there for this exact reason, but I want to get better at using the blurb because I’m sure I miss out on some absolute gems because of this!

So there they are, my bookish resolutions. I can’t wait to join in with this each Sunday and keep reflecting on some fantastic books!


My current Read:

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  1. I totally get drawn to books because of their covers. The type of books I like definitely have a style. I always read the blurb and first page too though before deciding.


    1. I try and read the blurb but I have been known to read it based solely on the cover! Reading the first page too is a fab idea!

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  2. Great bookish resolutions! I like the idea of using the TBR jar to keep you on track – I am planning to do one ARC, 1 library book, 1 book I already own, in rotation so I don’t just always default to reading new books or books that are due back!


    1. That’s such a good idea! Mixes it up for you and keeps things being read! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

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