Fearless – Liam Hackett

Stars: ****

This book was PACKED with words of wisdom, questions to prompt thinking and advice to help boost how children feel about themselves.

Written by Liam Hackett, founder of ‘Ditch The Label’, Fearless is written in order to help children be more confident in themselves. It is especially important in 2020 with social media use rife with the younger generations and a wider range of different social situations that they will have to navigate.

The chapters are easily laid out and clearly sectioned, easily guiding the reader. The bold, bright design is very appealing (as well as helping the layout) which makes it visually appealing as well as useful!

There are personal references in the book which help children know they are not the only people who might go through it, although it will feel lonely at the time. They then have tips and advice from a range of people who can help them know how they can feel confident.

Not change. Not be different. But be confident.


* Review Copy 😊*

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