My Type On Paper – Chloe Seager

Stars: ****

With the new winter Love Island starting today, this was the perfect time to read ‘My Type on Paper’.

The story revolves around teenager Maya who was excited to spend the whole summer with her perfect boyfriend Freddie. But then: I’ve got a text! Freddie unceremoniously dumps her with a message. How can she enjoy her summer now, stuck at home, single, instead of sunny Spain?

With the help of her friends Aimee and Joe, Maya sees that there is a whole world of potential guys out there for her! In fact, there are three chasing her…but how will she choose?

I loved the references to the Love Island language without it taking over the story. I did guess the ending (it was a satisfying one though!) but I enjoyed the twists and turns the story took to get there.

The characters all feel authentic – you can imagine the reactions and the scenarios happening and they’re relatable to teens of today!

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