#SixforSunday – Favourite Books of 2019

So I’m late (already – it’s only the second week!) with my #SixforSunday post but I still wanted to complete it! Last year I managed to read 125 books – I’m feeling quite proud of myself for that! – and wanted to see if I could manage picking the top 6.

Quite the challenge, I’m sure you’ll agree! But here goes…

#6: Toffee – Sarah Crossan

Written in poetry form, this book is an emotional, important story. I loved discovering Sarah’s books for the first time.

#5: Deathless Girls – Kiran Millwood Hargrave

With a twist on the Bride’s of Dracula, this book was full of imagery and drama that was enhanced by the beautiful cover and red sprayed-edge pages.

#4: Lost Words – Robert McFarlane

A beautiful book of poetry inspired by the nature around us in the UK, accompanied by stunning artwork by Jackie Morris.

#3: Murderer’s Ape – Jakob Wegelius

I had seen lots of discussion about this online…and the book absolutely lived up to the hype. An adventure full of intrigue and emotion that I would recommend everyone to read!

#2: The Toll – Neal Schusterman

This HAD to make the list. I waited SO LONG for this to end the trilogy and tie up all the loose ends I’d been thinking about since finishing Thunderhead. I was delighted with how well the series ended!

#1: Can You See Me – Libby Scott & Rebecca Westcott

This is a must read for every teacher, and person! Tally is autistic and in Can You See Me, we see the world from her point of view. It builds emotional empathy in the reader and gives a small insight into what it might be like to walk, for even a moment; in Tally’s shoes.

Let’s see if I can be on time next week!


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  1. I too loved Toffee (love everything by Sarah Crossan!) and The Lost Words, but have yet to read the other four. I have a draft of this post saved but just could not narrow down my choices to only six books so I don’t know if I will ever post it…well done to you for deciding!


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