#SixforSunday – Books people will associate with me.

I don’t know if there are 6 books that people would associate with me! So I tried to think about what I always recommend, and what really embodies what I enjoy or believe in, to guide my choices!

1: The Whisperer – Donato Carrisi

This is the book I always recommend to people! It is a dark, clever crime book which is full of murder and lots of twists. I’ve read this several times and always notice new clues which help piece the story together. The ending is a shock I didn’t see coming at all the first time I read this!

2: Can You See Me – Libby Scott & Rebecca Westcott

This book is such an eye-opener. The book follows Tally – who is autistic – and her experience transitioning to secondary. It really allows for developing empathy and shows children (and adults!) what it might be like to walk in another’s shoes.

3: The Learning Curve – Melissa Nathan

It’s not often I read this sort of book, but I LOVE Melissa Nathan’s books. I particularly enjoy this one because, although you guessed who might end up with who, it did keep you guessing on some of the smaller details until the end. It’s a really light read but thoroughly enjoyable (but you will roll your eyes at some of the questionable school policies…but I weirdly found this made me enjoy it even more!)

4: The Arrival – Shaun Tan

This book perfectly demonstrates that picture books are definitely not just for younger years. This beautifully illustrated story tells us of a man who travels to a new place! Using inference we have to interpret his experience and try to understand his new world along with him. I love this about books – whoever’s eyes they’re viewed through creates a different version of the same story.

5: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

I am a huge Harry Potter fan; it would be criminal of me not to include this on my list. Slytherin and proud.

6: Holes – Louis Sacher

I thought I’d go down a different route here, as to why this book would be associated with me. It’s controversial. Not many people will agree with me. But I really don’t enjoy this book. And being in the minority, I do think I often get associated with this book because of it!

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  1. I just started reading Can You See Me? Love The Arrival and Harry Potter but have not yet, to my shame, read Holes!

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