Lost – Ele Fountain

Amit and Lola live in a nice, spacious flat with their dad, and Mila – their servant – to wait on them. Lola goes to a good school (on the other side of town) with her best friend Bella; Amit is at a school for drama and arts as he has a talent for signing and acting. He wants to be a star one day!

But this all changes when one day, their dad doesn’t come home from a business trip. Soon, they are evicted from their apartment and find themselves on the streets with the other ‘rats’. They have to find themselves somewhere to sleep, a way to eat and discover how to keep safe.

Then, it gets worse. When walking down the street, Amit gets lost in a crowd. Now even more alone, Lola has to get street smart in order to stay alive.

‘Lost’, although steeped in drama and trauma, is full of friendship and demonstrates how even in life’s darkness, there are glimpses of light. The relationship between the different characters was well realised – I especially liked how Lola interacted with Pia and Mo, still keeping the essence of herself despite her change in circumstance.

Rafi, however, was the character I found most endearing. He overcomes so much to still find a way to trust in someone; it was a beautiful message in the story.


*Review Copy 😊*

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