#SixforSunday – 6 Bookish Habits I Have

I have pretty standard book habits and suffer from the typical pitfalls of a reading teacher life.

1. I buy WAY more books than I have the capacity to read.

It doesn’t matter where I go, but I always find a book shop and, you guessed it, always manage to buy at least one book. My bookcase is full and I have piles of unread titles but still, I continue buying.

2. I am obsessed with buying signed copies of books!

There’s nothing better than discovering a signed copy of a book when you’re out browsing books. I always end up buying most that I find!

3. I am really bad at picking what to read next…

So I have to use my TBR jar! I find decisions very tricky and with so many fantastic books to choose from, I leave it down to fate…unless I get a book to review!

4. I make time to read every day.

Even if I’m super busy, I try to make time to read for at least half an hour. It really helps me unwind, forget about other work I need to do for a while as well as discover amazing new stories to inspire learning in my classroom.

5. I always use a book mark.

Bending the pages? Making the spine look creased? Having the book look anything but brand new after I read it? I love a pristine looking book and I’m one of those people who are super careful with books while I read them…for them to then go in my classroom book corner and lose this look within minutes from eager readers!

6. I will ALWAYS be carrying a book around with me!

It doesn’t matter where I go, I’ll always have a book in my bag, or in my hand! It means I never waste any time waiting (I always arrive early for everything, so usually have time to spare!) as I can always keep reading!

So these are my (pretty average!) bookish habits. See you next week for the start of February’s #SixforSunday!

Current Read: The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

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