The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates – Jenny Pearson

Stars: *****

This was a laugh-out-loud, heart-warming adventure. Freddie was a likeable character who finds himself on a miraculous journey with his two best friends: Ben and Charlie.

(Before I go into detail, my favourite part of the book was reading about places I know and love myself! Barry was where my Grampi lived…so I loved that it was included in the book! Andover is also where my dad works. I always think a book is a touch more enjoyable when it’s recognisable places! Anyway, back to Freddie’s journey, not mine…)

They go on an adventure around Wales to find Alan Froggley. Along the way the boys are involved in superheroics, ghostly miracles and a run-in with the Gaffer. Not to mention eating an entire raw onion!

I absolutely loved this book & the way the story was told. It was funny with true-to-life humour; the main character felt like any child you might have in your class! Being a lover of facts myself, I loved that they were littered through the book, too! I won’t tell you my favourite, because you need to discover them for yourself! 🐷

*Review Copy 😊*

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