The Jamie Drake Equation – Christopher Edge

Stars: *****

I’ve read a couple of Christopher’s others books and had high hopes for The Jamie Drake Equation because of this; it didn’t disappoint!

It follows the life of Jamie Drake, who’s father is an astronaut with an important mission on the ISS to find extraterrestrial communication. He misses his Dad – even though he’s very proud of what he does – and wishes he were home.

After a visit to the observatory behind his house, Jamie thinks he might have been the one to find alien communication! With the help of Buzz, can he find a way to bring his dad home?

I also LOVED the mention of Swindon (and know my class will too!)

With emotional sections (I won’t lie, I shed a tear towards the end!) merged with sci-fi and maths, it’s an intriguing and interesting book. I have to admit, as someone who would usually freely admit I am not a big fan of science-fiction books, Christopher’s are what made me change my mind.

It had a theme of space running through (along with some other science-y elements) but has enough real-life interwoven to create an enjoyable, emotive story.

I loved this, and can’t wait to read more of his other books!

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