White Fox – Chen Jiatong

Stars: ****

This was a lovely adventure story with a background message that is meaningful and relevant.

Dilah, after his parents can no longer care for him, is given the legendary moonstone. Finding himself some unusual friends along the way, he knows he needs to head South in order to discover the answers to its mystery.

He knows it has something to do with becoming human; this is something Dilah has always wanted. As he travels he finds many marvels that humans have created – things which propel him towards his own goal of discovering if he can be human himself.

However, he also starts to see the damage that humans are wrecking on the environment such as poisoned rivers or hunters taking animals’ lives.

I was disappointed with the ending…because I have to wait for the next book to find out what happens! It is left on an unexpected cliffhanger which has left me desperately wanting to know what happens next!

Illustrations by Viola Wang

I absolutely loved the theme of friendship that runs throughout the story. Dilah could not succeed without the friends he makes, especially because they are not animals that Arctic foxes might usually travel with. It shows that everyone has their own strengths and shouldn’t be discounted.


*Review Copy 😊*

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