#SixforSunday – Six Favourite Accounts to Follow

This is REALLY tricky. I follow lots of fab blogs and accounts which I get some brilliant ideas from! I’ve deliberated and decided I’ll pick the 6 accounts I most recently used an idea from!

1) @eenalol

Obviously, I need to start with Steph as #SixforSunday was her brain child. I absolutely love all the book posts & recommendations she makes on her page (even if my bank account absolutely doesn’t!).

2) @brassoteach

Tom has an honest, open account which is very supportive to others. He also shares other people’s ideas – I especially like his #SundayNightShare which reflects on brilliant ideas he’s seen during the week.

3) @authorfy

If you haven’t used the author masterclasses and videos available on this website then you definitely should! Mel has created a brilliant website & Twitter feed for inspiring children to read and write more; I love the ideas I get from it and how supportive she is.

4) @learnmesummat

Helen recently posted this really cool Wire Art! I can’t wait to give this a go with my class in Term 5 (when our topic is all about Art & Music!). They look brilliant and I’d not seen anything like it before!

5) @MissKhan_

Maaria’s Twitter is crammed with fab ideas but this is one I took recently and can’t wait to do with my class! Children bringing in photos is fab – but it’s a lovely idea for them to have one of their teacher if they haven’t one to bring in. I’ve never thought of looking at their own inheritable characteristics this way before.

6) @Matt_Mowff

Matt’s class created some stunning portraits of Churchill. They all used the same inspiration picture, yet looked so unique depending on the artist! They inspired our own Henry VIII charcoal portraits this week!

Can’t wait to see what accounts you all follow, and the ideas you might gain from these too!

Emily x

Current Read: The Year We Fell From Space – Amy Sarig King.

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