Good Thieves – Katherine Rundell

Stars: ***

I usually love Katherine Rundell books; I have to admit, however, that I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Good Thieves.

The premise of the book is fun and interesting. Vita sets off on an adventure with her new friends (a pickpocket and the boys from the local circus with amazing talents) to win back her grandfather’s home & possessions from the head of the Mafia.

Set in past-New York, the book is full of moments which are enjoyable and build fantastic images of the characters you meet. The story itself was enjoyable; for me, I found it too slow to get going. It didn’t make me keep wanting to turn the pages, like I usually do!

Rundell is a brilliant author and I’ve no doubt others will enjoy this (after all, it did win the Foyles children’s book of the year in 2019!) – but it isn’t one I’d want to read again. I much prefer Rooftoppers & The Explorer!

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