#SixforSunday – Six Reasons I Love Blogging

I’ve only been blogging around a year now: I still feel like it’s something that’s quite new to me! Alongside this blog – bookish things – I have my teaching blog (Teaching Isn’t Black & White – https://teachingisntbw.home.blog) which I use less often; it’s what I like to write on about when topical teaching matters arise.

But, as the title suggests, I am going to give you six reasons I love to blog:


I am lucky enough to now get to review books for different publishers, as well as write articles for magazines and teaching blogs. If I hadn’t started blogging, I don’t think these opportunities would have been so readily available. Writing is something I LOVE to do.


I’ve been able to talk about things that have happened in my past on my blogs which has been really therapeutic. It’s no secret that I was in a toxic school environment for a long time and whilst going through it, I felt very alone. It’s been amazing to talk about what happened and release a lot of emotions, but also to know it’s helping other people who might feel alone too!


After the aforementioned experience, my confidence was pretty low. It’s not secret I thought about leaving teaching. Blogging has been something which has really helped bring my confidence back. Having to be #10%braver and put my ideas out there is a sign, to me, of how far I’ve come!


I’ve found so many INCREDIBLE books that I didn’t know about before blogging, or wouldn’t have discovered. My brain is grateful for this, my bank balance? Not so much!

I’ve also loved finding new blogs that other teachers & book bloggers write. They’re crammed full of amazing ideas, challenging perspectives and books which would be brilliant to use in the classroom.


The blogging community is SUCH a supportive one. People are always ready to respond and interact which is part of why I love writing!


And the last reason I enjoy blogging? Because I genuinely just enjoy doing it!

Currently Reading: The Adventures of Harry Stevenson: Guinea Pig Superstar! – Ali Pye

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